The best selling beer in the world

If you were to ask someone what they thought the most popular selling beer in the world was you would expect most people to say Budweiser, you would be surprised to find out that it is in fact a Chinese beer call Snow. Snow is exclusively sold in China and its number one spot makes it even more surprising considering the global dominance that Budweiser seems to have.

[Snow] is the biggest beer in China, ahead of rivals who have been around for 110 years when we have only been going for 15,” Ari Mervis, the head of SABMiller in Asia told the Telegraph. “But it is in a very Chinese part of the market, not in places where foreigners go to.”


You might also be surprised to find the high ranking of Skol in the list but this would be due to its popularity in Brazil and Scandinavia. There is no surprise to see Budweiser at the top but the market in light beers has actually decreased from previous years and has therefore seen the increase of sales in beers like Corona. After seeing Snow claim the number one spot on the list its has inspired me to want to try this mythical Chinese beer, but seen as its only sold exclusively in china i guess its just another excuse to go back to try the number one selling beer in the world.


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