Punch Taverns expands cask range

Punch Taverns not wanting to miss a trick have joined forces with SIBA in a bid to expand its finest cask rotation. This will see 15 award winning beers specifically chosen by the independents brewers group heading to a Punch pub near you.

Nick Stafford, SIBA’s commercial director, said: “We are delighted that a number of our award-winning brewers have this opportunity to offer their top-quality cask beers to a large national audience of Punch Partners and their customers. We are sure that consumers will enjoy trying the beers, and look forward to a successful cask rotation.”

This is all part of punch’s continued effort to make money and pay of its mounting debt problem, They are trying desperately to grab a new audience and they see real ale as the way to do this, something they had previously dismissed. despite this earlier trepidation  they are now behind the venture completely and they now offer more than a 100 cask ales across its quite extensive range of pubs.

Andy Slee, central operations and external affairs director for the pubco, said: “Cask Ale is one of the unique selling points for British pubs and as it’s continuing to grow its category share of total beer, we feel that it is one of the most significant business drivers for pubs.

“This is the first time we have worked in partnership with SIBA on a cask rotation and it has given us the opportunity to work with new brewers. For those SIBA brewers with bigger ambitions, this is a great way of testing their brands outside their traditional heartlands. Feedback from Punch Partners is that they enjoy offering brands from other parts of the country.”


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