Dr Duncan’s closure


Another woe recently hit the ailing brewer, Cains, that saw it flagship Liverpool pub close to the general public, This is not just another blow for the brewer, who in recent months has seen it stop production, had its brewery village plans come under fire, come under attack from union bosses and finally taken to court for alleged tax avoidance, its also a personal blow for me as this is what one of favorite pubs to frequent in Liverpool.

Despite the failings of cains, the brewer was quick to make an official statement about this being nothing more than an administrative problem, while the owner of the building that holds doctor duncans was quick to chime in saying:

The former tenant Hoylake Inns were in breach of the lease for the premises and therefore we have been left with no choice but to terminate the lease.

We will now be actively working to find a resolution to the situation which we hope will see the unit reopened quickly.”

I have to wonder weather this is true though, this all seems a bit too much like a coincidence for my liking. Dr Duncan’s is a wonderful pub in the centre of Liverpool with an old Gothic style that is such a Liverpool institution that it would be a shame to lose simply because Cains are abandoning Liverpool, something I think is becoming a very clear possibility.



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