Ilkley brewery launches new Victorian inspired website

Ilkey brewery recently redesigned there website to give it a more modern and sophisticated look and widen its appeal, its is also supposed  to allow better interaction between beer producer and beer consumer. To get the inspiration for this new 3 dimensional website (, the brewer went all the way back to its roots and had the website deigned in a Victorian style.

To celebrate the new launch the brewer wanted to bring to light the new beer finder tool, this tool will show you which pubs have their beers stocked, when they are due their next delivery and will even show which supermarkets will be stocking Ilkley beer, now we have no excuses for not trying this beer.

Speaking about the new site, Luke Raven, from Ilkley Brewery, who has overseen the eight-month project, said: “We felt that our old website no longer reflected our approach, identity or business adequately so the new site was an essential part of our growth and overall rebrand.

We wanted the new website to encapsulate our spa town brewing heritage, our stunning region, our brewing principals and our innovative approach. Our designer, Danny, and the web developers, Blue Mantis, worked tirelessly to ensure the project was not only spectacular and ground-breaking in terms of functionality and design, but also accessible both to our publican customers and real ale drinkers.

Our goal was to create a place that people can explore as much or as little as they like, but ultimately a place where they can interact with us and become part of the process here at Ilkley Brewery. I feel the website definitely delivers on this front and I hope people enjoy the user experience.”

Designer, Danny Pig, added: “The inspiration for the website design came from one of the original Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company menus dating back to 1873 which the guys from Ilkley Brewery discovered in the archives. We have incorporated this Victoriana style into all elements of the brewery’s rebrand — from pump clips to bottle labels — and for the website, we’ve added a hint of steampunk style humour with a modern innovative twist to reflect Ilkley’s ‘deceptively different’ beers.

I’m really pleased with the finished outcome, which I think sets the brewery apart from its competitors.”

Martyn Lee, director at Blue Mantis, added: “We were approached to design and develop a content-rich website to help increase Ilkley Brewery’s national presence within their target markets.

The aims were clear — to stand out from the competition, utilising a high level of interactivity, but also to provide a user-friendly way to access key information about their business and particularly their products. The home page highlights this level of innovation and interactivity by featuring a full screen parallax system with animation, showcasing the brewery and allowing access to the different areas of the website.

The site also features a content management system. This allows their staff to update any area of the website, particularly useful in keeping the news and beers up to date. Adaptive page templates adjust to mobile phones and computers of different sizes and resolution, ensuring that the information is delivered in the most suitable format.

We are very pleased with the final site and have had fantastic feedback so far.”

I must say this is a rather nice looking site with just the right amount of fun, give it look and don’t forget to try the brewers range of beers.


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