Brewdog launch two new beers

That crazy Scottish brewery, Brewdog, have only gone and made two new beers for us all, Thankfully these are more obtainable to us ordinary folk, these are certainly not Sink the Bismarck or that recently launched 37% beer, Watt Dickie.


Firstly they launched A new Bohemian Pilsner called fake larger, they hope this move will reclaim the larger back from the corporate fat cats that have ruined it reputation, that may sound awfully serious but if you read the source material you will see that brewdog are having such fun with this beer, as they have fun with everything.

Fake Lager was launched alongside the first national Crap Beer Amnesty in April. With Fake Lager, we’re seeking to reclaim one of the world’s greatest beer styles – The Bohemian Pilsner. We love it, and we’re sure you will too.



Second of these is yet another IPA known as Norwegian Lingonberry Double IPA. I know one of the hashtag crew will be happy about that but im not the biggest fan off their overly hoppy IPA but then thats just a personal preference.

Hello My Name is Mette Marit is the latest instalment in the series kicked off by the cult Hello My Name is Ingrid. This is a Norwegian Lingonberry Double IPA loaded with all the fruit flavour and hoppy havoc you have come to expect from these awesome beers.


So this this new wet your whistle? Will you be going to your local Brewdog pub to partake in these new brews?

Via (here)




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