Malters take on Mps at parliamentary dinner

For the first time ever the all Parliamentary Beer groups dinner included the malters who supply the beers we all drinks. Mps see this dinner as essential for the future of brewing industry and to show their support more than 100 showed up to celebrate British brewing and pubs.

“Politicians are beginning to take on board the importance of brewing and the hospitality industry,” said Euan Macpherson, chairman of the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain. “What they are less aware of is the role played by the malting industry. In fact they, like most people in this country, would be hard pressed to give you a definition of malt.”

These malters were at the event to natrually sell their good and bring attention to a vital part of the brewing industry.

“All the MPs and Peers we spoke to at least now know that malt is grain, usually barley, that has been steeped, germinated and kilned,” he said. “They also learnt that the great maltings of Britain enable over 8 billion pints of beer a year to be produced, and over 500 million bottles of whisky. British malt generates over 135,000 jobs in or associated with brewing and distilling — plus hundreds of thousands more in pubs that sell beer.

“In other words, the economic impact of malt is enormous.  Our message to politicians was: great news that you are supporting beer and pubs; keep it up. But don’t overlook the manufacturing sector that enables these industries to survive and flourish! The great maltings of Britain are national economic treasures that need nurturing. We want future generations to be able to raise their glasses to beer brewed and whisky distilled in this country from premium quality British ingredients.”

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