Whitechapel porter – The review

Despite the name this is not a porter but a lowly ale, I was disappointed as I thought I was getting a porter but oh well. This is described as “A Porter of true character, made with only the finest malted barley for a firm, bitter flavour. “. lets see if it lives p to those claims

Vital Statistics:

  • Contains Barley. Contains Gluten.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Comes in a Bottle
  • Brewed in United Kingdom
  • Packed In United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer – Asda Stores Limited


This comes in a wide bottomed bottle with very modern paper label that were peeling slightly due to being in my fridge for a very long time. The cap came off with the standard fizz but there was no drama at all. This beer has a black colour but when put up against the light it has a very deep amber colour, very fine off white head, the head barely made it to half a finger and was very quick to dissipate. Also a complete lack of carbonation which may attest to the quick head dissipation. Started off promising but ultimately fell flat, literally.



Ever so slight coffee aroma, with an undertone of citrus. I got more citrus than I did anything else, not much to say here. nothing interesting or compelling, just meh.



I was promised citrus and roasted coffee and it fails to deliver on either, I did get a taste of coffee but it took a lot of searching and many a mouthful of this beer. This coupled with the quite bitter aftertaste make this a no go. Not much here, does not live up to the lofty claims of the label. 


Value for money:

The ultimate test of value is weather I would buy a second bottle of this beer and the answer is no, I would not, There is very little redeemable about this beer and could never drink more than one.


This is a very poor budget beer and should be avoided by any beer fans, this isn’t even a beer I would recommend you try to see if you like. This only gets a 40%.


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