Beer Genie gets redesign

Beer Genie, the British Beer & Pub Association’s website celebrating all things beer, I guess that means i need a new tag line for my webpage, has decided to revamp its webpage for the 21st century. Faced with the ever increasing number of smart phones they have finally decided to support mobile web browsers, five years too late if you ask me but i think they’ve ignored young drinkers for a very long time, and by young drinkers i mean anyone in their 20’s.

Along with the new modern and stylish redesign they have also used this time to reorganize the information on website into many different category, something i was shocked that they have yet to do. There are also new sections introduced, the first being the beer aficionados section which was described as being for all those Wikipedia surfers, There is also the beer event page which looks to showcase events from all over the country. I for one am all for this redesign, many of you arent aware of this but i did some webdesign before embarking on my history degree and this stuff really annoys me, it really grinds my gears when a supposed business fails to keep up with technology.

Go to to check it out yourself.


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