First married couple to become beer sommeliers


The man and wife team of Katy and Tim Britton (pictured) have become the first couple to become beer beer academy sommeliers. The couple who own the Oldershaw Brewery, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Brought the property and opened the brewery 3 years ago after the couple found their life to be drifting and not really going in a direction either of them was very happy about.

Kathy runs the brewery while Tim still commutes to London every day, but they both get involved in beer and beer events.

Drawing on their new status as Beer Sommeliers, Tim describes Kathy as “blonde in style, well hopped with floral notes and a citrussy edge to her finish”.  Kathy’s  tasting notes to describe Tim are  “smooth, easy drinking in style, lots of flavour and what he likes to think of as depth, but others rank as an acquired taste!”

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