The Caladonia story


Recently the historic pub the Caladonia was threatened with closure after a building company bought the land and wanted to turn it into high rise flats. Following this news a movement was started to save the pub, claiming that it was part of Liverpool’s long and extensive history. The save the Caladonia movement saw unparalleled support with thousands signing the petition to have Liverpool council step in and block the plans.

The petition seemed work as the council decided to join the fight, Gotta hand it to politicians they never miss an opportunity to get some publicity, after initially giving planning permission to the flats they were soon showing their support to the save the Caladonia movement, there truly is nothing more fickle than a politician. So after all this wrangling I am very pleased to announce that the pub has been saved and will continue to operate, Its very rare I hear about a pub being saved these days. Another free house is always a good thing.

She said: “We will now be a free house under the terms of the new lease, so really it will be ‘business as better’.

“Going forward it gives us much greater business opportunities to develop the business in the way we want to.

“Having the security is great. The future is secure.”

The Landlady had this to say:

Laura said: “The campaign has been really helpful, it showed it wasn’t just me saying it but that the pub mattered to a lot of people.

“I’ve had lots of texts and calls from people saying well done.

“It is our third birthday at the pub on Sunday so I just want everyone to come down, enjoy themselves and party.”

Naturally to keep the pub open the ownership had to move to Laura, I wish her all the best and hope one of my favourite Liverpool pub can stay open for many years to come.


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