Dr Duncans reopens


After months of woes that have seen Cain’s brewery cease production, lay off staff, come under fire from unions and seen its owners taken to court for tax evasion, the brewery can finally rejoice with some good news, the brewery’s flag ship pub Dr Duncan’s is once again open to the general public, I have to wonder what will be flowing out of those taps but fear not dear readers I shall be doing exhaustive research on that very subject tomorrow with my fellow Hashtag blogger. They are no longer selling Cain’s on draft but instead have a range of other real ales, this could prove problematic for the company as their customers may get used to these new ales when Cain’s finally decides it wants to make beer again, if they ever do.

This news is great as far as im concerned, this is one of my favorite drinking venues in Liverpool and I think a local landmark, thanks to its wonderful views of parks and fantastic Victorian architecture this should be viewed by beer lover and non beer lover alike.

Sudarghara Dusanj told the ECHO: “We’re very pleased to see it open. It’s an important pub for us and an important part of Cains’ future strategy.”


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