Hall & Woodhouse Portishead shortlisted for design award


many people think of a pub has to be a dark dank place populated by old men, Well I don’t think they have to be, I think pubs can not only be a place to socialize they can also be a thing of pure beauty and class, some of my favorite places in Liverpool are pubs and that has a lot to do with the architecture, I’m a little bit of a nerd and by a little bit I mean a lot.

So with that in mind its with a great deal of fan fair that I announce that Hall & Woodhouse Portishead (pictured) has been shortlisted in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013. This building was designed by Mackenzie Wheeler Architects and is made from old shipping containers so not only is it beautiful, its environmentally consciences and should be easy to expand in the future.

The contemporary two-storey building, which pays homage to the marine heritage of its location through design elements, industrial materials and its rugged appearance, incorporates 28 shipping containers as key structures and internal ‘rooms’ which serve as private dining rooms or meeting spaces. Opened in November 2012, Hall & Woodhouse Portishead is in a stunning dock-side location, overlooking Portishead Quays Marina, a successful development built around waterside living.

David Hoare, from Hall & Woodhouse, said: “We are delighted to be recognised for our design in such prestigious awards, especially as we’ve come up against some strong competition.

The building not only manages to meet the needs of our guests for various occasions, but shows our ambition not to simply regurgitate the mundane ‘pub in a box’ but to come up with something original. We get some fantastic comments from guests and slowly Hall & Woodhouse Portishead is becoming a key part of the local community — fingers crossed for the final results in September.”

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