Freedom brewery sees new investment


Freedom brewery are investing 500,000 in production, this investment will see them double capacity and meet the growing demand for their craft larger’s.

the brewery which was recently sold to new owners will see the money going towards a new storage facility and developing a new wetlands drainage facilities, the wetland facilities will see the brewery treating waste water from the brewing process before it enters the water cycle. Helping the environment is never a bad thing and insuring a supply of healthy clean water can only help the brewery’s future.

The new management team — led by Tim Massey as managing director and Andrew Taylor as finance director — aims to continue the brewery’s current 60% growth trajectory with its range of quality, hand-crafted premium lagers. The remaining brewery staff, including the head brewer, Ian Ward, will remain the same and licensed trade and beer expert Paul Mason has joined the team as a second salesman alongside Lee Calnan.

The previous owners, Ed and Sue Mayman, had run the business since 2008. During their tenure they have seen production capacity rise by more than 300%, expanding their customer base UK-wide by working with premium on trade outlets and winning numerous brewing awards. Earlier this year they also launched a new bottled beer called Libertà, brewed specially for Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant chainAs parents of two children under five years old, they are both ready to take a step back from an extremely busy though fulfilling period in their lives.

Tim said: “I have always been impressed with the amount that Ed and Susan have achieved with Freedom. They have done an incredible job in the last five years with product quality, range and distribution, and have set the benchmark very high. I am pleased that we will still be able to call on their expertise in the future.

“One of the first priorities will be to increase capacity to manage current levels of demand, and then we are keen to start talking to premium quality operators who value their freedom and want to stray from the mainstream.”


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