Otley colombo – the review

2013-08-31 00.24.54

Vital Statistics:

  • 4.0% ABV
  • Brewed in wales
  • Comes in 500ml bottles
  • pale ale



I initially had a little problem with the name of this beer, weirdly its not mentioned anywhere on the bottle, instead what you get is a huge white O, I like the look of the bottle but it seems weird to me that the name is not present. The very simple design really drew my eyes and I found it very attractive. I mean I bought it without knowing the name or even what the beer inside the bottle was. I actually had to do some googling in order to find out more about this beer, that was how I found out that this was a pale ale and it was brewed in the land of sheep that is wales. Im really not kidding when I say that this bottle is minimalist.

So lets get to the more important aspect of this beer though and that is the content of the bottle, the beer was a very inviting golden brown, with a fairly active fizz finely topped off with a small yet well defined head. There was still lots of yeast floating about in this beer though, Otley was very proud of the fact that the beer is bottle conditioned, they say on their page that if I was to leave this for a year I would get a superior taste. I don’t know about you but im not that patient. The head retention was really good but sadly for me it was let down by the large amount of yeast that was left at the bottom of this pint as I drank it, I know its not bad for and wont hurt me in any way but I still found it unsightly.



I’m not one to beat around the bush, this beer smelled delightful, It was light and inviting with this light and but ever present citrus aroma.



there is sudden intial hit of bitterness that can be quite off putting, this was then followed by an even stronger burst of bitter flavor, this is a one, two punch as it were and although it was a bit off putting I found the flavour growing ne me, it will get a 6 from me but thats only because i think this beers unique taste wont be to everyone’s pallet, I also think I couldn’t stand more than two pints of it myself.



I would give this a second pint but this is not an all day beer, I paid 2.50 and I was pleased with that price.


Otley is a very interesting beast, it looked like your standard pale ale but thanks to that bottle conditioning there is an awful lot of yeast still present and that could be off putting for many people, if you like you beer clear avoid this one. The taste was very strong and distinctive and will supposedly only get stronger the longer you leave it, I may go out and buy another bottle of this and put it in the beer cellar to see what will happen to the taste. Over all this Is a very solid beer that unfortunately will not be to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it.






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