one direction – this is us – the review

So we here at mad hatter are determined to bring you reviews of as many different things as we can and sometimes that means we have to make sacrifices. That dear reader is why a 26 year old, 6 foot tall, xxxl male went to see the one direction film, you didn’t buy that did you? I thought you wouldn’t, the real reason I went to watch the one direction film is down to boobs, she had them and I wanted to touch them, there I think I have sufficiently defended my manhood because in all honestly I kind of liked this movie, I kind of enjoyed it and even if i felt like a paedophile in the cinema surrounded by squealing prepubescents, I sincerely wish I was making up the squealing it actually happened.

So the story of the “this is us” the one direction movie is, errr well there isnt really one, this movie just basically follows these guys around the globe as they tour, travel and perform. We follow harry, Liam, Niall, Zaye and Louis as they travel from country to country, we get to meet there truly insane fans, have candid interviews with them, watch them perform their songs, record there new album and generally spend a lot of time wearing very little, but this part made me happy. We also get to see what will happen when you get 5 young boys in one space with very little to do, they go crazy, at one point they stole a golf cart and proceeded to take it on a joyride, I found myself laughing far too much at this film, at one point a random neuroscientist appeared on film for absolutely no reason other than explaining why the boys fans were so crazy, properly my best cinema moment of the year for me so far. although this film is rather cliché, somewhat like the show that gave birth to it I did find my self enjoying it and at one point I even cried.

As well as the boys acting stupid you also get some heart in this film, about half way through you get the boys heading home, during this visit we see the boys visiting family, many went to see there grandmothers, I like that, im a sucker for people who love grandmothers. we also get interviews with parents and one of the boys dads is very close to tears as he starts talking about missing his son during these years but understands his sons desire to do what he’s doing. This was echoed with all the parents who all clearly missed there children but were happy they were in one direction, I wanted more of this, this seemed like a rather untapped resource to me. Its unusual for simon to not try and pull on the heart strings but he actually showed some restraint with this film, the most heart wrenching moment though had to be when zayn bought his mum a new house and rang her from Mexico to tell her, uttering the words “ I told you i’d buy you a house mum” to which she replied “yeah but I never believed it because you were just a kid”, brought a tear to my eyes and again raised my respect level for these boys who seem to know exactly why there doing what they doing, a rarity for any 19 year olds.

Yeah my biggest complaint about this film was that there wasnt enough of anything, they didn’t do enough songs, performing only a hand full of their greatest hits,yeah I said that, what of it? After performances they would have “candid” interviews with the boys, these interviews can be put into two category’s, there’s the ones were its just them talking to the camera and the ones were they are in a group all sitting around and talking, I like the former, they really showcased the boys and you get the sense that they are all smart funny and genuinely enjoying what being in one direction is all about, the latter on the other hand is very clearly staged and scripted, which was a shame because I think I would love to hear these guys talk candidly about being famous but I think they wouldn’t have gotten the PG rating if they were let rip in that sense.

This film can be seen in both 2D and 3D, I personally watched it in 2D because i’m not a mindless moron who thinks 3D is the future of cinema, I mean honestly has there been a film that proved to you that 3D was worth it? I thought not. So when your watching a film that is both in 2D and 3D the aim by the film makers should be that the 3D parts are not obvious to the 2D viewers and vice versa and on that note they failed, during the concert scenes they had things flying at you, comic animations showing up next to the boys faces, for no reason I could see and at one point turned them all into superheroes, again this was never explained it just happened for like 20 minutes and then never again, its like the people making the movie said, it has to be 3D thats one pound extra per film so it will make more money and the film will look more successful, actually now that i’ve written it out that’s exactly how I can see that converstion going in the Hollywood board room, so that whole 20 minute sequence seems out of place in a movie that was observantly about these five boys living the dream.

If you couldn’t tell earlier I liked this film, I went in with all the usual hate for one direction and x factor in general but over the course of 90 minutes I laughed a lot more than I thought I would, found myself growing to really like these boys and feeling sorry for them because here they were travelling all over the world but they cant ever leave their hotels due to getting mobbed by screaming girls, something that happened to them in Amsterdam, causing the boys to take refugee in a Nike shop, which is a huge shame because Amsterdam is a truly beautiful city that you should all go and see. Now im not saying that this film is one of the greats because its not, its clichéd over wrought and unimpactful but I found it fun and would happily take my niece to watch it again, like I said my one complaint about this film was the unresolved bits, I wanted more but this consistently stopped threads short. This gets a 7 out of 10 from me because I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would.



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