Tenents lager launch Thirst Aid

With global warming becoming an ever more present problem in the world, it always nice to see a brewer take a decisive role in helping its customers handle this horror, during the last heat wave I know I struggled long and hard with the heat but mostly I struggled to find the only thing I wanted in that weather, a beer garden., well thankfully Tenents larger have heard my cries because they are launching an app to help people find out door spaces to enjoy a cold beer.

Thirst Aid features nearly 700 Scottish beer gardens, terraces, courtyards, hotels and sports clubs around the country, and while it can’t guarantee sunshine, it takes just seconds to find a range of outdoor drinking spots close to the user, from the spectacular views at The Cruin on the banks of Loch Lomond to the bustle of the famous courtyard of Pear Tree House in the heart of Edinburgh.

It works by first geo-locating the user and then providing a list of thirst-quenching outdoor locations nearby — with the added benefit of an update on how warm it is outdoors and the number of hours until sundown.

unfortunately its currently restricted to Scotland but i have high hopes this will come to the rest of the UK soon. The app is free and further information is available at tennents.com/thirstaid.


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