Good Beer Guide: Rise in number of female brewers

Well the good beer guide just keeps the good news coming, not content revealing that the number of brewery’s is increasing in the UK they have now pointed that there are more female brewers is higher than ever before, these brewers or brewsters as some like to call them can only be a good thing and will hopefully help more women enter the beer drinking world.

More and more women are setting up breweries or becoming head brewers, according to Roger Protz, the editor of the 2014 Good Beer Guide published by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) today.

He said: “It is only in modern times that men have overtaken women as the main brewers of beer, as historically it was women who dominated brewing … It is fantastic to see more women rejoining the industry and in many cases giving the chaps a run for their money, such as the award-winning Brewsters Brewing Company in Lincolnshire.”

CAMRA statistics show that the number of women enjoying real ale is on the rise, now accounting for 22% of its membership — a rise of 20,000 in the last decade alone. The amount of women trying real ale is also up, from 14% to 34% in the last three years, showing that wider availability and variety of beers is having a positive effect.

This is a step in the right direction for all more diversity in brewing means more diverse beers and thats what we want, I think its fair to say that we all want that as opposed to the homogenization of one beer for all that many places suffer.

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