coopers lager – the review


Well ive been very quiet recently in regards to the website and thats due to moving to Australia, after the initial problems with the jetlag and all the paper work that comes with it I thought I should get back into the swing of things by doing what I love best, drinking a cold beer and I thought what better place to start than one of Australia’s most popular beers.

Vital stats:

  • 4.7 ABV
  • Australia
  • Available in bottles (370ml)


It comes in your standard brown bottle with ever so slight branding, it has a green and white label with all the usual information, it always surprises me that the big guys don’t have a better branding department but a generic brand for a generic beer. I’m not going to patronize you though because if your reading this chances are you’ve seen many a bottle of beer. The lager came out to a very lovely golden colour with a very frothy white head that held for longer than I would have expected. The beer was fairly active with a good amount of carbonation and a good amount of bubbles. A by the numbers lager that held some surprises, if only this could ave continued.



Nothing special here, rather boring, there was the slightest hint of malt but I had to search long and hard for it. Very disappointed.



you have no idea how much I struggled to find something to put in this section, the best thing I can say about this beer is that its unoffensive and by that I mean boring, its tastes like lager all be it with a slight bitter kick buts its a lager. Its drinkable but I wouldn’t seek it out.



so this is our most subjective category and open to much interpretation, like I said I would not seek this beer out and at 2 dollars a bottle I feel I paid too much, especially considering the amount of superior beers I can get for the same price.


In conclusion this like most mainstream beers was boring designed to do nothing more than fill a gap, i was bitterly disappointed and would not seek this out in anyway, not the worse I’ve tasted but by no means the best.


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