The sun to give away free cask beer

There is only on thing better than a cold beer and that’s a free cold beer, unfortunately due to the idea that we have to swap money for goods and services free beers are few and far between, damn capitalists. well not anymore thanks to the newspaper the Sun (I use the term newspaper very loosely mind you) who are giving its readers a free pint of cask beer in honor of cask beer week.

Cask ales are seen as so vital to British people that the sun are using it to sell there new online component (sun plus), the times they are a changing indeed.

“Now that surely indicates how attitudes towards cask beer have changed in recent times?” said a Cask Ale Week spokesperson. “You might expect The Sun readership profile to lean more towards lager drinkers, but with such a wide circulation it’ll undoubtedly introduce many thousands of new drinkers to Britain’s national drink, as well as providing reward and interest to current cask ale drinkers.”

unfortunately I wont be able to take part in this promotion due to being a scouser because us scousers don’t read the sun but that shouldn’t stop you. Cask ale week runs from the 27th September – 6th October 2013, so go out and enjoy a free cold one.


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