Four Pines stout – the review


So here I am trapped in melbourne enjoying the wonderful weather (I know that im British and therefore being preoccupied with the weather is our thing but all’s I’ve had since I arrived in wind and rain, I want my sunshine god dammit.) trying to understand the weird Australian language and most weird of all trying to fathom this thing they call football because i’ve yet to see them use thier feet or most baffling of all, why they get points when they miss? But I digress. So seen as i’ve been staying in Melbourne I thought I should do the normal touristy things and went to the big city to have a looked at stuff, took pictures of stuff and generally rode a lot of trams (trams are cool, I like trams). This naturally tired me out so after a long day I popped into a pub on the very famous flinders street and asked for a pint of a local delicacy that is four pines stout. This beer is brewed in Melbourne so I couldn’t get any more local if I tried, this also represents the first Australian craft beer I have ever tried and I enjoyed it but then I do love my stouts. So without any further ado lets get this review a rolling.


the beer comes in your standard brown beer bottle with a simple blue label, there are no warnings on this but thats because Australia doesn’t make brewers but them on, its strange not drinking a beer and knowing the consequences but i think I can adjust. The beer is the black as you should expect from a stout with a very fine amber head on it that held for the life of the pint, a plus in anyone’s book



this is the part of the beer I found very disappointing, it would have scored a lot higher if not for this because the aroma was somewhat lacking in all areas, there really isn’t much to say here I couldn’t find anything of interest in the smell, even after i got my noise right in there.



it was rich and textured with a very subtle after taste, hard to describe but its certainly a stout with all the rich smoky flavors we’ve come to expect, I enjoyed it, I’d hope id enjoyed it anyway because i’ve drank an awful lot of it recently.



A pint of this in the pub was expensive coming in at 10.50 but a 6 pack was 20.00 dollars from the bottle shop, i’d say it was reasonable all things considered (this is Australia after all). It gets a 7 because all beer is expensive in Australia.


so there we have it my first Australian craft beer but certainly won’t my last, it was everything I have come to expect from a stout beer with a deep black colour and very layered taste but was lacking somewhat in the aroma section. I would recommend this beer though especially if your a stout fan like myself, a great ozzy beer with no stupid hat required.






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