sometimes i rant at 2AM

just a thought, how about we show girls its possible to be happy while single rather than tell them they need a boyfriend, look kids let me rap with you for a second, boys are dumb, believe me i should know, i am one and im the dumbest SOB your ever likely to meet but im assured thats part of my charm, we will cause more problems that we are ever likely to solve (unless that problem is openign up a jar, we rock that shit) and if you don’t feel comfortable without us then you sure as hell wont with us, so stop listening to all those bullshit inspiration post designed to do nothing more than keep you obedient and brain dead and head out into the world because ultimately a relationship is rather simple affair, find someone you fancy, who you like spending time with and then nothing, thats it simple, im proof that its a good system because i would be in a relationship if it wasnt for my truly repulsive personality.

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