Brewdog offers beer masterclass


If you ever needed an excuse to head back to uni this is it, fresher’s from Newcastle university will soon be given a class in the finer points of craft beer. This short course hopes to educate students on how craft beer is made, the opportunities in the ever increasing brewing industry and finally they hope to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Participating students will learn:

  • What goes into real beer: a step-by-step guide to the brewing process
  • How to taste beer: identifying different ingredients in beer
  • How to recognise different beer styles: know the difference between your IPA and your lager
  • Matching beer and cheese: does a stout go with Stilton?
  • Why craft beer represents the future of beer making

Helen said: “It’s a shame that many young people in Britain are woefully under-educated about beer and alcohol, and this definitely has a part to play in the alcohol abuse we see amongst young people, especially students. What we hope to do with this beer school is to get students to fall in love with good beer, not the massively watered down version mainstream brands have forced down their throats through advertising.

“For many new students in Newcastle this will be the first time they’ll be able to drink without parental supervision and we want to make sure they are approaching this freedom with a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for the various styles of beer and the many ways the beautiful drink can be enjoyed. We hope the beer school inspires a new crop of craft beer enthusiasts, home brewers and future beer entrepreneurs.”


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