Black sheep opens up new micro brewery

Black sheep has become the latest brewery to launch its own microbrewing initiative, this will help the brewer test and produce new beers in the hopes of expanding its ever present range, as well as delivering more one off variety’s.

Based at the brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire, the new five-barrel brew plant complements Black Sheep’s existing brewhouse which has a minimum brew run of 50 barrels.

Alan Dunn, head brewer, said: “Up to now we have been limited in our ability to develop new beers as a 50-barrel run is a lot, so the new plant really allows us to flex our creative muscles!”

This new investment will cost Black sheep 50,000 pounds for all the equipment. This new brewery will be located in the original home of the brewer, this should allow for quicker up scaling if any beer become really popular.

Alan said: “It was important that the processes we implement in our existing plant could be replicated when testing new brews, and this played an important role in the development of the microbrewery. This means we have a unique — and I believe the world’s smallest — five-barrel Yorkshire square fermenter, and we are able to simply scale up the process to put a test brew into full production.”

Jo Theakston, sales and marketing director at Black Sheep, added: “The microbrewery will use the same Yorkshire square fermenting system which has made Black Sheep one of the most popular breweries in the UK, and we will be experimenting with a variety of new hops and styles. It creates a massive opportunity for us and we will be using it initially to develop some new beers for next year, so watch this space!

“As part of our launch in Cask Ale Week we are releasing Brew #1 from the micro plant into our local Yorkshire free trade. It’s a 4.8% ABV, star bright white ale brewed using heaps of Cascade hops along with orange and coriander. It is very moreish and we are keen to get feedback from our customers as to what they think.”



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