James Boags premium lager: The review


so my exploration of Australia’s many beers continues today with James Boags premium lager, this beer is from Australias smallest state,Tasmania, which for those of you not aware of Australia’s diverse geography its the little small island just off the south of the country. Apparently the state is home to a lot of australias apple grooves and also the countries purest water, while I accept the claim of it being australia’s purest, I question the claim about it being the purest water on the planet, I think that honour goes to Iceland. Well without further ado lets get this review a started.

  • ABV 5%
  • Brewed in Tasmania, australia
  • Comes in a bottle (375ml)
  • brewed using australias purest water
  • listed in 1001 beers you must drink before you die
  • http://www.boags.com.au/


A very heavy Golden brown colour with a very slight head, this is very clearly a full fat beer, australians seem to love their light beers something I personally don’t understand but each to their own I suppose. The beer had very little carbonation. It was very clear and almost see through, a rather lovely looking larger.



There was a very slight aroma but nothing special. The only way I could describe it is indescribable,Why do all Aussie beers seem to have very little aroma to them?



this beer is not a taste sensation but thats ok in some cases,i had this lager as cold as its possble to get, by that I mean I bought a slab of them 6 weeks ago and left them in the fridge, the beer I drank for this review was the last one of 45 because lager should be cold as your ex heart when you drink it, this had a very cold taste with no bitterness and a very smooth after taste. A very good lager by my standards and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that, my favorite Australian lager so far and boy do they love them over here.



this is a very mainstream bottle of beer in Australia and as a result its cheap but don’t let that put you off, like I said this has been my favorite lager so far, the other day I was enjoying this beer in the sun, I always find a lager the perfect summer beer for this reason, its not too heavy so your less likely to fall asleep in the sun and cause yourself some embarrassment, so like I said the other day I was enjoying this beer in the sun with my uncle when we ran out and I was upset, the problem wasn’t that we ran out of beer because that doesn’t happen in my house it was that I ran out of this and had to switch to a much poorer option, thats a good sign in anyone’s book and because of that this gets:


so this beer comes highly recommended by me, while it was lacking in any real aroma I enjoyed this beer on the multiple times i’ve tried it, the taste is not a flavor sensation it must be said but sometimes you don’t want that, sometimes you just want a solid beer that you can sit in the back garden and drink in the sun and that what this beer delivered to me time after time. I found it interesting and compelling enough to come back to time and time again and I hope you do too.


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    so paul just got a copy of 1001 beers to drink before you die and this one was mentioned, this is one of the best lagers to come from Australia, why not click the link and see what paul thought http://wp.me/p3Aj9A-cq

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