Sierra Nevada stout – The review


Now I go through phases when it comes to my beer, sometimes I want nothing more than a lager and other times I just adore a black as the night stout, I’m an unapologetic stout lover and the blacker and thicker the better, a good stout is one of my favorite things to drink on a cold day and its very rare I don’t enjoy one, Sierra Nevada has proven to be the exception, I got a six pack of this beer and with each one I found myself enjoying it less and less and no I didn’t drink them them all at once, this was over the course of a week.

  • ABV 5.8%
  • Brewed in California, USA
  • Comes in a bottle (330ml)


black with a very small yellow tinged head, the head failed to hold something that I can’t stand in a stout. I expect to see a head cling to the top of the beer for dear life leaving little white lines that show the mouthfuls you have had. In other words what a Guinness does. Sadly this failed to deliver and a result only gets a six, even a coke manages this feat.



unlike the look this brew did not disappoint on the aroma front,there were lots of strong roasted oats smells, that brought up thoughts of warm winter fires. If only this was quality was present throughout the whole brew. very strong aroma but this plays to the beers strengths and lack anything more.



it had very rich roasted flavor that explodes in the mouth, in my last review I spoke about how some beers are good despite lacking flavor and well this is different, in that comparison this stout is that guy who kicks in the door of your party walks in puts down the crate of beer and just looks at the girl and goes your mine, in other words this beer is not subtle in anyway, something I think they have learned from there ipas because this brewer seems to think what works with an ipa will work with other beers, especially their stouts. you know what this beer is and you have to take that as you will because this is anything but subtle this coupled with the slight bitter aftertaste made this is bad by my standards.



so like most of the beers I review I brought this as a six pack, what can I say I like to be furrow when I do my reviews, I do this for you people I like to make sure that my scores are unbiased, I do this not because I like beer, I do it purely for you. So I bought a six pack for about 20 bucks which works out too 3 something per bottle and that was ok but something tells me I wont be buying anymore Of these, the first were fine but I think the big flavors eventually got to me.



so this is a beer that tries big ideas and even bigger flavors and succeeds in that idea unfortunately that i all there is to this beer, the beer has a very powerful aroma, a very strong flavor but all subtly is gone in the search for that big flavor sensation, this is a massive punch in the face, this is an IPA in stout form and i wanted a stout not an IPA, avoid if your a stout fan.






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