Samuel Adams Boston lager – the review


So we take a break from Australia this time around to take a look at the craft lager that could, this review will focus on Samuel Adams Boston lager a lager that grew from obscurity and became one of america most popular craft beers but has that success gone to the beers head? sadly i cant comment on what Samuel Adams used to be but this failed to deliver on all levels for me.

the beer was a very dark golden brown with a small white head that dissipated very quickly. i know it may sound like a very strange comment to make about a lager but this was very thick in the mouth, it was also very cloudy, so thick and cloudy sounds like a great pale ale, i know right, sadly it failed to deliver as a lager should be smooth and go down like was also very dark in comparison to other lagers.


This was not a very special, it had a somewhat spoilt smell that had a very present bitterness, needless to say i did not enjoy it.


the Horrid bitterness appeared to be ever present throughout this beer. Every mouthful of this beer burned with it, it seemed to take my tastebuds with it as i swallowed. now some of you are going to comment Saying i had a bad bottle but I’ve had a few of these just to make sure. sadly nothing redeeming here.


no matter how much i paid for this i would have still paid too much.


I’m going to keep this brief, in this humble reviewers opinion avoid at all cost, they’re are far better beers out there.


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