Molson’s new commercial is inspired advertising.

So if you’ve ever wanted another reason to be Canadian this advert has got to be it, not only are Canadians polite, highly educated and get free healthcare. they also get free beer, i really want free beer, free makes everything sweeter.

so this advert came up during a recent conversation with a Canadian friend and all they said to me was,

“if i was in Europe and had access to one of these fridges, you know what i would do?, i’d take the person who asked me to open it to the nearest pub and buy them a real beer because molson isn’t beer”

i guess its true what they say about Canadians being nice because here he was faced with getting to know someone over a cold beer and this person would rather buy the drink than have him think bad things about Canadian beer.

oh Canada indeed

if it was me i would have emptied that fridge so quickly, hoping that the thing got filled back up because nothing is better than free.

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