if i was allowed to be honest in my cover letters

so im applying for a lot of jobs at present and the worse part about job hunting has got to be the bs cover letter, if i was allowed to be honest i would honestly write.

why do i want this job? how about i like food? i like beer and hope to use the money to trick women into doing consensual but depraved acts with me.

honestly if someone was willing to pay me to sit on my arse and scratch i’d happily do that than what ever shit you’ll have me do but as those jobs are few and far between i’ll happily do what ever you want as long as you pay.

i mean its not like im applying to run the world, im looking for jobs that require absolutely no skills what so ever. the world gets more complicated everyday and we wonder why people dont have the inclination to work, heres a nice plan, make it easy for people to find a job and who know they may actually find one.

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