Monteiths double bock, winter ale – the review


so after a brief but much needed break from the dark ales, i am back on the horse with a New Zealand double bock from Monteith.

this was a black in the glass but presented itself as amber when held up to the further scrutiny of the light. it had no head what so ever which i always dislike but had no visible imperfections. a solid looking dark beer but I’m a fan of drama and life in my beer and the head just let it down.

Another beer from this region lacking any real aroma, im starting to think this is an epidemic afflicting Australian brewers. cant really describe what i cant smell.

what this beer lacked in aroma it more than made up for in taste, this beer has a Fantastic full roasted nutty flavor that somehow was not over powering, this roasted flavor persist right through to the gulp.

I picked up a 6 pack for 20 Aussie dollars and i’ll more than likely buy this again, while not amazing i found it to be the right level of quality for what i paid for it. disclaimer your millage may vary, had i paid more for this the score may have been a lot lower.

I paid just the right amount for this beer, the look while good in colour failed to deliver on drama or head retention, it did deliver on taste though, which i think most people will agree is the most important part of any beer. this is a beer i can see myself drinking again at some point but i wouldn’t make it a regular beer in my fridge.


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