Brewdog launch yet more beers

There must be something in the water at the Brewdog brewery because after recently launching two new beers they’ve only gone and done it again, this time launching three new beers available exclusively through their online store.


Brewdog had this to say about the new brews:

Old World IPA:
is an IPA from a bygone era. An era of towering sailing ships, burgeoning empires and world shaping beers. This beer has been handcrafted from British malts and English hops to recreate the epic beers that were shipped on monumental ocean voyages from England to India. A true forefather of the craft beer revolution.

Old World Russian Imperial Stout:
takes us back to the origins of one of our favourite styles. Originally created to honour the Russian royal family, imperial stout was brewed to an ABV of 9.5% to avoid freezing during its journey across the Baltic Sea to snowy Moscow.


Unleash the Yeast:
showcases the unsung heroes of the revolution. We owe a huge debt to the billions of tiny yeast cells that work tirelessly to ferment sugars into alcohol and CO2.

This series of 4 beers gives the limelight to four totally different yeast strains: Belgian Trappist, Pilsen Lager, American Ale and Bavarian Weizen. All 4 beers have been brewed to the same ABV using a blend of Centennial and Amarillo hops and a backbone of Pale Ale, Munich and Cara Malts.

Brewdog hopes these beers will bring up memories of days gone and they will use this new beers to showcase a local artist.

i look forward to giving them a try


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