Murray’s whale pale ale – The review

So I’m currently taking a little break from the stouts and dark ales, they really don’t work in Melbourne, they are just too heavy in the stomach, they make me feel so bloated and drunker than i actually am. so instead im going to review a refreshing pale ale, Murray’s white ale is a beer native to Melbourne and I’m all about supporting local beers. So here we go

Vital Statistics:

  • 4.7% ABV
  • Melbourne,australia
  • Comes in bottles (375ml)

I was originally attracted to the bottle of this beer, which shows a wonderful white whale on it, I’m a sucker for a literally reference, I’m a nerd in all things, the beer was Golden brown in colour and cloudy in look, it was very lively with lots of bubbles but sadly, it had no head.


I’ve finally found an Australian beer with some kind of smell, finally, i thought there was something wrong with me. there is a very delicate hoppy smell with some very subtle citrus undertones, nothing amazing though and it took a lot of work on my behalf to find them.


I don’t want to use this word but again it was a very delicate hoppy flavor with a subtle hit of citrus. despite this the beer was rather bland and boring, very watery in the mouth with no aftertaste but I could see my self drinking a few more of these, this is the definition of middle of the road, nothing too offensive but nothing amazing either.


A very fine middle of the road beer and as a result its gets a very middle of the road score, i liked this beer but then i did drink it when the sun was cracking the flags and as a result i found it very refreshing and hitting of the spot.


the scores show that this is a very middle of the road beer, the look is very cloudly with a complete lack of head, I’ve said it once i’ll say it again i like head in both life and on my beer. this coupled with a very watery but none offensive taste means naturally gets a middle of the board score.


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