Hobart to get week dedicated to beer


I’m currently in Australia and wanting a good beer festival, its been a while since i had one and unfortunately this country has a horrid relationship with beer, they don’t like people who drink beer because they are considered nuances and dangerous, drinking wine though is considered ok, that’s classy and your allowed to over indulge to your heart content at one of the many all day tasting sessions, sorry to rant but i don’t understand the difference other than how the press represents them. a drunk is a drunk no matter how they got there.

“any city that possesses a good beer must be in want of a festival”

well it appears that Tasmania, that little island off the south coast which is home to the James Boags brewery has heard my calls and is about to host a week dedicated to all things beer.

Now it’s Hobart’s turn, with the inaugural “Beer Lover’s Week” readying for kick off on the 10th of November and like many beer related projects, according to co-founder Ryan Morgan, it was born over a beer.

“Leaning against one of the many craft beer bars in Hobart, with a slow-drinking Belgian in hand, a mate and I were talking about our love of craft beer and how brilliant it was that the bars in Hobart have really embraced the craft scene.

“We got to thinking about how you could showcase that. We threw around a heap of ideas and came upon a model that would allow the venues to promote the things that they do best, all with a very beery twist of course.”

With 13 events, and more to be added, Beer Lovers Week will showcase the best of what’s available in Tasmania and the world, seeing beers from American favourite Sierra Nevada being tapped for the first time in the state, alongside local favourites.

“We now have a plethora of craft breweries producing some cracking beer and if that wasn’t enough, people can now get their hands on any beer that they can possibly think of! With the enthusiasm towards ‘drinking better’ we are hoping that Beer Lovers Week can satisfy the hop heads and the sessioners.”

While Ryan admits they worked under an “aggressive timeframe” they have found the idea has been well received and hope to make it bigger and better for the second year.

“We started out with 5 events and a ‘call to action’ for other venues to jump on board. The benefit of running events in different venues is that they already have the connections and ideas. All we are doing is tapping into their knowledge about what their customers are interested in and what suits their establishment…

“Next year, we will have some breathing space to suss out what worked and what didn’t, and hopefully build on the interest from this year,” he said.

This has obviously been inspired by the craft beer festival in Sydney and its nice to see it happening, now i may go but the 13 hour ferry journey would be a little extreme for me. now all’s i need is for Melbourne to do one and very soon.


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