Homebrew in a bag



i didn’t think it was possible for home brew to get any easier, well how wrong i was because moonshine drinks have launched home brew in a bag. this new product will make 25 pints of beer in about two weeks, all you have to do is add lukewarm water. i am so all over this, i was just today bottling up my latest batch of home brew and thought this could be a lot easier.

the kits which have all the ingredients in a bag and a new yeast nutrient pack to get the brew a starting. Also added to the bag is ‘Moondust’, the maker’s customised yeast and nutrient to mirror traditional brewing methods.

The real ale brewing bag, which won the Food and Drink iNet’s most innovative new product award last year, brews ale to 4.2% ABV and is being branded as the simple and natural way to make real ale at home.

the beer product will soon be followed by some ciders and wines that will be brewed in the same unique way.

Key figures behind the launch include Robert Constable-Maxwell, a former chief executive of Ind Coope, managing director of Walker Cain, Liverpool (which later became brewer Tetley Walker) and marketing director of Allied Breweries UK.

Moonshine Drinks Ltd worked with experts at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University to develop the bag. The product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and creates a natural, non-pasteurised live beer which will keep for three to four weeks after brewing.

For more information and online sales, go to http://www.moonshinedrinks.com


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