Victoria bitter – The review


for some reason in Australia you are allowed to call a lager a bitter and a bitter a larger, now coming from the land of the humble bitter i take offense to that but only because this isn’t a good beer and its definitely not bitter, i was informed by a Australian friend of mine that not even an Australian would be caught dead drinking this, so here it goes, here is my review of Australia’s second most popular beer.

  • Vital statistics
  • comes in 375ml bottles
  • 4.9% ABV
  • brewed in Melbourne, Australia
  • Australia’s second highest selling beer
  • lager


this beers come in a very plain brown bottle with an even plainer label, i would describe it as hipster but for some reason in Australia they indie brewers have very elaborate labels, i guess there is a reason they call it the land down under.  the beer was golden brown in colour but lacked a head of any kind, seriously brewers, a beer without head is like a pizza without cheese, it just isn’t the same no matter how much we tell ourselves that it will be ok, the lack of head was coupled with virtually no bubbles meant there was absolutely no life in this beer.

There is nothing to report in this area, there was a slight bitterness but nothing to report. very weak in this department, much like the rest of this beer.

Again nothing to write home about, there was a slight bitterness just like the aroma but nothing overwhelming, very watery in the mouth, this is your standard mass market beer.

this is one of Australia’s most popular beers and i think that’s due to price, this is one of the cheaper options at the beer store. while nothing special this is a perfectly fine mass market beer. i wouldn’t go out of my way to pick this up but i would turn it away if i was desperate for a drink and that’s the best compliment i can give this beer.

a middle of the road mass market beer with nothing special in either the aroma or taste, this is your standard mass market beer, every market has one and for the mass market, its just acceptable. i’m assuming if your reading this then your looking for something more and with that in mind i cant recommend this beer.


2 thoughts on “Victoria bitter – The review

  1. Hi Paul,
    VB is like the McDonalds of beers.
    There’s a sad period in Australia’s beer history of a round three decades from the 70’s to the 2000’s I think where all the local breweries were homogonised or closed as they got bought up buy one or two giant companies.
    By the 80’s, unless you were a home brewer, you just got used to drinking this mass produced tasteless rubbish. In the last 10 years more Aussies have finally gone out on their own and started up decent breweries again and more people are re-finding their beer palate.

    One brewer has been fighting to produce some of these bitter’s to their original recipe, but has lost the legal fight in court.

    Please don’t be put off buy this crappy brew, there’s plenty of good beers coming out again from skilled brewers.

    cheers – Mark

    1. i know there is, ive had some lovely beers in aus, there are just a few problems that i think they can hopefully change over time. i have yet to find an aussie beer with a inticing aroma and they all suffer from over watering imho but any recommendations you have would be much appreciate.

      you also say there is a guy wanting to make bristish style bitters? me want that so bad, john smiths is but not the best

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