Thor the dark world thoughts

So I recently went to watch Thor: The Dark World and was pleasantly surprised. Thor was one of my favourite wave-one Marvel films, as Marvel are now calling it, and this coupled with my unbridled love for all things comics, especially the stories that the medium allows to be told, I thought the original Thor was stupid goofy fun that personified what comics are. Unfortunately I thought Thor did not translate well into the Avengers. I felt he was short-changed in favour of more Robert Downey Jr being himself, and excessive Captain America. As a result, I Came into this film expecting very little, but what I got left me wanting more.

the story of Thor the dark world can best be described as three small stories that all intersect to form a much larger more complex story. the first and most important aspect of this films story for those of you who think a sequel should follow a previous story exactly, Following the events of the first film and The Avengers Thor is back on Asgard struggling to deal with everyday life, he wants to be on Earth with and unfortunately he cant be, he has to put down rebellions that have erupted following the destruction of the bi bridge. this fits the character because Thor has always been a character of three worlds. First you have earth, the place he wants to be with jane, next you have Asgard were he doesn’t want to be but feels obligated by his families heritage and finally he has the nine realms where Thor is duty bound to protect. This is a lot of areas to cover, a comic book can do this because its published once a month over many years, a film on the other hand is two hours long and is released once every 2/3 years. this film manages to visit all these areas and it adds depth to a character that was lacking in many areas after the first two films, we get Thor the protector of the nine realms, Thor the love lorn and Thor the reluctant king all interspersed with an expanded Asgard.

As i have already eluded to this film follows on from both Thor and The Avengers, at the start of this film we see Thor delivering Loki back to Asgard to face charges for what he did in new York. Unfortunately Loki paid a huge part in this film and i think that was a shame, personally i would have liked him to have not been in this film and have it focus on Thor but that was not to be, at least they did make Loki integral to the story rather than just shoehorning him in to please all the tumblr fan girls. In fact Loki was so integral to the story that many of the biggest events of this film would not have been impossible without him, i cant say too much about this due to that being a massive spoiler and i wouldn’t want to ruin it for any of you wonderful people. Thor is also policing the nine realms the only way he knows, by punching it. yet despite all this fighting, killing and partying, Thor is not very happy and is pining after Jane. while all this is happening on Asgard Jane is trapped on Earth searching for a way to get back to Thor when she stumbles onto something that has the power to destroy the world, amazing how that always happens. this naturally brings Thor and Jane back together, which wasn’t that surprising because something tells he would have come back if she cut her finger. while that sounds like a jumbled mess its anything but, this story flows effortlessly from one story to the other.

this film does a lot to build up the mythos surrounding Asgard, the first film choose to tell a very small insular story, while this film turned the story up too 11, we get to see a much larger story in this film, while the first film took place mainly in a small town in New Mexico, this film on the other hand spans the globe, has battles on other plants and we spend that much time on Asgard i am now intimately aware of the cities inner workings, i now have a more detailed idea of Asgard’s politic struggles and the people that inhabit that land. Another thing i like about this film is the fact that we get to see Thor actually fight, i know some of you will say he fought in the first film but his enemy was the bog standard robot while in this we get to see him fight multiple enemies and actively struggle in some instances. i read a story recently that stated that GOT has helped Thor immensely and i’m going to agree with that, GOT made medievals battle acceptable to a mainstream audience and Thor has copied and pasted those battle and its all the better for it, this is more medieval slug fest that failed sci-fi film that the first was and Thor is all the better for it.

this is the first marvel film i have ever watched that was aware of its own roots, while i like comics im the first to admit that at occasions they can be a little silly at times. this film straddles that line quite well, for every battle that Thor is engaged in we get a lot of laughs to balance it out, this film takes the silliness of comics and embraces them them and this is another instances in which the film is better for it. so i’m going to be the first to say this, Chris Hemsworth is one fine man and i cant think of anyone more suited to playing Thor, he simply encapsulated what Thor would look like, this being said I’m glad to say that they didn’t do too many topless shots and what they did made me sad and reach for the chocolate. so in case you couldnt tell i liked it and recommend it to any Marvel fan or non Marvel fan a like.


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