Doctor who 50th thought.

so i just finished the 50th anniversary episode of doctor who and here are but a few of my thoughts.
1. can we just stop giving billy work, seriously its old now.
2. i like 10
3. am i the only one who wants a series set during the time war with 10?
4. david tennent trying to be funny wasn’t very funny.
5. i hated him and elizabeth, why moffat?
6. what the hell was going on with Elizabeth’s eyebrows, she looked like mix between surprise and amusement.
7. ¬†seriously maybe spend a bit less on cgi and you could afford darlks that don’t look so cheap.
8. i liked the little touches paying homage to all the other doctors throughout
9. clara oswin is one hot tomaly
10. i stand by what i said, moffat cant write the doctor and a new doctor will not change that, they need a whole new writing staff

despite this i thought it was the best doctor who in a long time.


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