coopers pale ale – the review


Vital statistics:

  • 375ml bottles
  • 4.5% APV
  • Pale ale
  • brewed in Australia
  • bottle conditioned


This beer was golden in colour very cloudy, shadows breach its depth but very little else is visible through it, this was a very lively beer with lots of carbonation but it also suffered from a lack of head.

we are once again plagued with the Aussie curse, no aroma of any kind, i swear i’ve smelt more lively water than most Australian beers. also just to put this in too perspective, when searching for the aroma of this beer i accidental snorted some, causing a great deal of nasal stress for myself and still i couldn’t find anything, i’m getting tired of this now.

this ale was full flavored, you knew your were drinking a pale ale but nothing to differentiate it from the pack, also presented with a slightly bitter aftertaste, although i found this to be quite refreshing ultimately it was rather disappointing, i wouldn’t seek this out, especially at the price i paid.

this beer varies in price quite a lot, if you do a little bit of searching you can find it fairly cheap, this was one of the cheaper options in the supermarket and the weather called for pale ale. once the current case of this beer goes i don’t think i’ll seek it out again but it was quite refreshing in the sun.

in conclusion this was a very refreshing beer that neither offended me greatly or set my world on fire, i found it refreshing but then i always find pale ales refreshing in the summer, that’s why i choose it. it was let down yet again by a complete lack of aroma, middle of the road flavour and not very good value. this gets a try from me, i would avoid the slab though as i think that may be too much.



3 thoughts on “coopers pale ale – the review

  1. I’ve tried this one myself – I completely agree with you.
    The best feature of it was its ‘refreshingness’ – not flavour or aroma. Have you tried their ‘sparkling ale’? We have some at work, but I don’t feel inspired to try it based on this beer.

    1. no i haven’t, it was a very refreshing pint but then most pints are, we drink them for a reason. i originally thought this was a good beer and then i tried 3 pale ales in one sitting and this was the worse by a long way. i have not but i’ll give it a go for you, obviously coppers is really easy to get over here.

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