Fat yak pale ale – the review


This time i will be reviewing another pale ale, what can i say its the weather for it. this beer simply couldn’t wait for me because when i removed the cap, this beer literally leapt from the bottle causing somewhat of a mess, this was a very lively beer indeed.

Vital statistics:

  • Pale ale
  • 345ml bottles
  • 4.7% APV
  • brewed in Melbourne Australia

This beer presented with a golden brown colour, it was also very cloudy to the point of being opaque. it was a very lively pale ale that resulted in a voluptuous white head that was maintained throughout the life of the beer.

this cant be an Australian beer because when i put it up to my noise i smelt a wonderfully robust hoppy smell. made a nice change from the bland affair that i have been presented with lately. its a step in the right direction but still somewhat lacking from many beers i have tried.

this was a very full flavored pale ale with an ever so slight taste of citrus, this beer is not delicate in any way, in many ways this was a huge kick in the taste buds and this causes it to become quite over powering after a couple of pints.

there is no greater value than free in my mind and thats exactly what i paid for this fine pint, i was giving a slab of this as a birthday present but those of you who arent lucky enough to celebrate their birthday you can always pick this up locally for around 55 bucks, this represents a beer that falls well into the middle of the beer price range and represented a rather nice price to enjoyment ratio, even if it wasn’t the greatest session beer.

i tried this and the cooper pale ale reviewed earlier (here) at the same time and i have to say after trying the coopers this was a breath of fresh air, it looked like a pale ale should with an aroma that drew you in and was a very nice change considering the bland affair that Aussie beers have offered in terms of aroma. this tasted like a pale ale i would drink and for that price i paid i would recommend it to those looking for a refreshing drink in the sun.

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