new beer subscription services launches

recently a new beer subscription service launched in the uk, this new service comes at a apt time, launching just before Christmas. The owner of the new service hope it will help people discover new craft beers from around the world.

This service called beer52 will source beer from all around the world and deliver a monthly case of beers for the low cost of £24 a month, this will get you 8 beers at a time. for those of you not willing to do the mat because lets face it maths is hard, that works out to £3 per bottle which is what you would expect at your local bottle shop only now with the added convenience of never having to leave the house and being social.

Every box is different and contains a Meet the Brewers guide and tasting notes on each beer. There is no commitment and subscribers can cancel any time.

With more than 2,500 subscribers, the team behind the brand says it is already the largest craft beer club in the UK after only eight weeks.

For more information check out


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