in which we review Abbotsford Invalid stout


Vital statistics

  • Stout
  • 750ml bottles
  • 5.2% APV
  • brewed in Australia


It came in a brown long neck (as the local colloquial goes), its strange buying one of these for something other bottling my home brew at a later date but It ultimately means less trips to the fridge which is a bonus in my eyes, in case you couldn’t tell i’m rather lazy.

When poured into my favorite stout glass, yes, I have a stout glass, don’t you? The beer was as black as my heart and trust me that’s as black as its possible to be, unfortunately though there was no head to be seen giving it a look that akin to a glass of Pepsi rather than the wonderful stout I had hoped for.



this beer presented with a wonderfully warm and inviting aroma, it brought up memories of chestnuts roasting on an open fire (Christmas reference, it is the time for it after all). This was a very powerful aroma, you certainly knew what you were smelling yet somehow it still managed to be delicate and not over powering in anyway, it invited you in like a caring parent asking you for a hug, this beer also gave me hope that not all Australian beers will present with such a bland smell.



echoing the aroma this beer presented with a rich roasted taste with a malty aftertaste that just exploded into my mouth, I think its fair to say that I may be in love. This was a perfect beer to enjoy on a cold December evening and I just couldn’t get enough.



in case you couldn’t tell I loved this beer, it was just what I needed when I needed it, it varies in price a great deal but I found this for 3.50 for a bottle, naturally this can be reduced if you buy in bulk, a slab will cost you around 50 dollars which puts this once again in the middle of pack, considering this is priced the same as some mass market lagers it get a massive thumbs up from me.


in conclusion this was a wonderful stout, i always get a little disturbed when a brewer can’t do a stout right, speaking from experience its not hard to make a stout, its similar to a IPA, they’re big on flavour and as long as you deliver on that promise you get everything right, produce big flavours and most of your core audience will be happy and i know i was, the roasted nut aroma coupled with the roasted nut flavour was exactly what i needed on a rainy December. this coupled with the look made it great value for me, it gets a big recommendation from me and im the only real stout drinker here at hashtag so take that as you will.


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