Coopers best extra stout – The review

Vital statistics:

  • 750ml bottle
  • stout
  • brewed in melbourne, australia
  • 6.3% APV

Once again i poured this into my most prized stout glass, i call it Seymour because i can, it was very dark in colour with a very large head, the head was light and frothy with a dark brown colour. a very good looking stout from a brewer that has left me somewhat disappointed as off late.

This had a very warm robust smell of roasted nuts, with undertones of malt. I can see why some people hold this brewer in such high regard but then a stout isn’t hard to do.

now i often say that the flavour explodes into my mouth and i think i should clarify that, when i say it explodes i mean that this beer was high on flavour but that beer quickly disappears with very little aftertaste and that exactly what this stout did, had a warm roasted malt flavour.


i’m going to do something unusual for me and compare this to the abbots stout i reviewed earlier (here) because they are both stout and they are both in the same price range, this being the more expensive of the two, the question is was this better than the abbots stout? the answer to this is no, while this is a very solid stout i enjoyed the abbots just that bit more, that being said this is only slightly more expensive than the abbots so it wont affect the score too much.



it looks like a stout, smells like a stout and yet comes from a country with awful beer, i understand why Australians love this stout but coming from England stouts are a dime a dozen. it also tastes very much like i’d expect a stout to taste, i’m starting to think this may be a stout after all, all this coupled with a good value means this comes recommended from me for all those lovers of stout.


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