Lamb-infused beer: Naff Taff or the toast of town?

somethings shouldnt be done, im not sure if this is one

It's that Craig Heap guy

For April Fool’s, Brain’s Craft Brewery declared they were releasing a lambic styled ale made with real lamb chops. It was, of course, a playful gag, but given the recent news from Conwy Brewery in North Wales, maybe Brains should have followed it up more seriously?

An article in the Daily Post reports how Conwy Brewery have made an experimental test batch of porter infused with meat juices from roasted lamb, titled Sunday Toast. The end result is, according to the Post’s man in the field, a bit ‘meaty’ with the potential of pairing well with roast lamb.

It’s unsurprising that the biggest take-up of this news has been the sheep and meat industry (for example, were quick to copy a large chunk of the original article and post it on their own site), and various articles reveal that Welsh Lamb and Meat Promotion had a hand in working…

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2 thoughts on “Lamb-infused beer: Naff Taff or the toast of town?

  1. Wow. I’d certainly give it a try, but doubt it’d be enjoyable for more than a sip, if at all.
    Good on ’em for giving it a go though!

    1. Yeah I think the same, I love lamb but the idea of lamb flavoured beer sickens me

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