Coopers sparkling ale – the review

so for today’s review we turn to that darling of the Australian brewing scene, Coopers, after reviewing nearly everything that coopers has to offer, (i think i have one of there beers left and that is a special edition thing) so in preparation for my upcoming brewery tour, if you’re reading this coopers i’ll be the dashing one with a beard and although my reviews will not be swayed with free beer it doesn’t mean i wouldn’t appreciate the sentiment all the same. so here is the review of coopers oldest beer.

vital statistics:

  • bottle conditioned
  • comes in variety of bottle sizes from 375ml – 750ml
  • brewed in Melbourne Australia
  • 5.8% APV
  • brewed the same way for 150 years


when poured into a glass this beer was  cloudy with a golden colour, it was incredibly Apache, it actually shocked me that a light beer could be this cloudy, it also had huge head that lasted for the life of the pint, i always like it when a beer manages that.



it invited me in with a slight fruity smell that brought up memories of strawberrys, although this was only slight  and took a lot of searching to find.



there is strange taste to this beer, i couldn’t quite put my finger on it, it sits somewhere between fruity and hoppy (wouldn’t that make and awesome band name) which gave this beer a strange taste and even stranger aftertaste, the flavour profile was hard to put my finger on and as result i found my self spending more time contemplating the flavour of the beer and less time enjoying it.



this beer had a lot of potential but sadly it was let down by a truly mind boggling flavour profile and all that after this beer was rather hyped up left me very disappointed, this beer has been brewed the same way for 150 years and i think its fari to say that tastes have changed in that time and perhaps this beer hasn’t made the transition.


so this beer started off on all the right notes, it looked right with a truly voluminous head that stayed for the life of the beer but sadly like much of the Coopers selection it was let down by a mind lackluster aroma and mind boggling taste, I’ve tried most of the beers that have the coopers name on now, they do make other beers for the Australian market but those don’t carry the coopers name, they all suffer from the same problems, i think perhaps coopers aren’t making the mass market transition that some other brewers have managed.


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