Russia spent billions on psychic weapons

the cold war was a weird time, trust me i studied it. if it wasn’t the threat of nuclear destruction at a moments notice, then it was the on going propaganda war between east and west, but the thing that always amazes me is that both sides choose to research some simply silly things, for lack of a better word. i thought the American navy researching dolphins in an effort to get them to detect mines was ridiculous but it turns out the soviets were trying to create physic weapons.  not only were they trying to create physic weapons but they spent 1 billion trying to make it happen, all this from a country that struggled to grow enough food for its people.
Among the results: the Soviets developed a device called a “cerpan” intended to generate and store high-frequency electromagnetic radiation produced by the human brain in hopes of influencing other objects. this was off course a huge failure.

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