lucky buddha beer the review


so china makes everything that we use on a daily basis, they make our clothes, our ipods and they made the very device that i am using to write this review on, but the question currently on my lips is will they soon be making the beer we drink? i can honestly say that if i wasn’t writing for this page i would never have bought this beer with my own money, i’ve tried many of these Asian lagers and ive been disappointed with many of them, so was my trepidation merited or was lucky Buddha beer the exception to the rule? lets find out.

vital statistics

  • larger
  • 4.8% APV
  • brewed in china
  • desecrates a religious leader


this comes in a green bottle, has that ever filled you with hope because i know its never a good start in my eyes. the bottle was shaped like Buddha (see picture), i found the bottle shape to be cute in a tacky sort of way, you know the way i mean, its like going to grandma’s house and seeing her old ornaments from when she was young, strange but with an odd charm about them.

when i poured this into the glass it was quite lively but quickly fell flat leaving only the smallest of head, that was long for this world, giving this the usual green bottle problem of a flat looking beer. this had a look closer to apple juice that that of a lager i was looking forward to.



again this smelled like every other green bottled beer, im starting to think that they may have just purchased the recipe from one of their European counterparts, the smell given off by all these beers is a slight citrus smell but mostly it smells bitter and spoiled.



like every sequel the taste follows on from the aroma, this beer had a watered down feel with a slight citrus aftertaste, tasted rather off and the citrus was only present to hide that fact.



this was the cheapest beer on offer at my local bottle shop and boy was it ever clear why, there was no redeeming quality to this beer, other than the funny looking bottle. i think this might be one of the the rare beers i would turn down if i was offered it for free.


in conclusion avoid this beer at all cost, i know this is a mass market beer and they are never up to the levels of the smaller brewers but i think i would rather have that headache in a can Budweiser over this. it had no redeeming qualities what so ever and i think it may be a good while before the Chinese take brewing from the world.


3 thoughts on “lucky buddha beer the review

  1. It’s not a beer I’ve tried but I always liked the look of the bottle. You’re right, it’s tacky and shouldn’t work, but there’s something to it – for me it’s reminiscent of the sort of potions your character might pick up in a computer game; Link in the Ocarina of Time or something like that.

    China clearly hasn’t quite discovered brewing yet but by coincidence I was writing a piece on China last night. There are a few American and Australian ex-pats running microbreweries, so hopefully they’ll demonstrate to the Chinese how beer should taste. These breweries don’t really export (they don’t need to, China’s population ought to be enough to soak up all the beer produced) but look out for Cat Scratched Celt; it’s a collaborative beer made by Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai and Celt Experience in Wales.

    It’s probably the closest anyone living in the UK will come to sampling what the craft beer scene is like in China without having to go there.

    1. They have this beer in the uk? That’s cool. Yeah china is interesting just because of the number of people. We wrote a piece a few months ago About the best selling beer in the world. I don’t want to ruin it but it’s Chinese.

      Oh I would love to try some if those craft beers, I have a friend there maybe I could convince them to post me them, I love the health bottle analgey though seems perfect, I wish I could have thought it up

  2. From china to Australia it’s not too bad from past experience, I would want to go further though.

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