monteiths black beer – review

Vital statistics:

  • dark ale
  • 5.2% APV
  • brewed in Auckland new zealand
  • 330 ml


like most of the monoteith line it came in a 330ml bottle with a very simple label that goes to great lengths to talk up the greatness of brewing in new Zealand, well its not a bad dark ale so they might be on to something here.

the Beer itself was black in colour (if only the title had told me) with a single finger head that quickly disappeared. all in all a pretty solid dark head, if only the head had stayed for the life of the beer.



i got a massive hit of coffee bean with a very subtle malt undertone, made Paul a very happy chap.



it had a very understated taste of coffee with a malty after taste, not very strong and i felt it was somewhat lacking, especially after such a promising aroma.



this was a very solid middle of the road ale and had a value to match, not much to say here really. i’d say try it if your a fan of dark ales.


in conclusion this a solid middle of the road dark ale, it looks like a dark ale should, smells like it should and tastes like a pretty good beer, i think i may have enjoyed it more if i wasn’t such a sunny day, i do like my dark ales when its cold outside but then im peculiar. all in all a very solid beer that i think you should give a try in your beer adventures.


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