New years resolutions and changes to come

so we have taken the whole new year, new us thing to heart and we are making some changes to the page and everything contained within.

firstly i have made 3 new years resolutions, 2 of which are beer related and one of which is related to my awesome love of ukuelle, the first of these two resolutions is too brew more and to brew from scratch, up to this point i have used only the pre-made kits. so with this in mind i will be brewing a new beer every month from what ever i can find laying around my friends back gardens, although this sounds very difficult i would like to point out that one of these friends does have an orchid that contains 6 different fruits the most interesting of which is figs, i think im going to have a lot of fun with those. second of these new years resolution is too drink more beers with historical names, i will be doing a post in a couple of days about which five i am most looking for,something tells me they wont be easy to find.

secondly there are going to be what i hope are some big changes to the blog, when i started this page i had some help, unfortunately due to life and people falling in love it has dwindled down to me and one other loser with time to kill (hi martin) to pick up the slack, i am not bitter about people finding love while im all alone, i swear. im glad to say that we’ve been faring well but what with my traveling to exotic lands and his mutton chops sucking up all his awesome we’ve found it difficult at times and i think aspects of the page have suffered as a result, when i started this i wanted it to be about my journey into craft beer and all i’ve discovered but instead alls we’ve ended up doing is writing a lot of reviews for lots of beers, don’t get me wrong i enjoyed the beers and i always intended to write them but thats not all i wanted this page to be. so with that in mind i’m pleased to announce that starting soon there will be someone regularly writing about home brewing, he’s not me but i will also be writing about my own attempts this year, be they good or bad i will write them up.  coupled with this i am also going to start personally writing about the history of beer and how its affected the society in which we live in today, this started off as me looking for a dissertation proposal and trying to learn about breweries of the prohibition and has morphed into this amazing thing that im really enjoying doing, the first piece should be up soon and its linked very heavily into my first home brew of the year.

we’ve changed our review set up as well, in our quest to get to 10 sections, i know its a lot but we hate maths and 10 sections will make working out the final score easier, we are adding “the session” to our reviews, this will explore not only how the first beer tastes but the second, the third and so on because who can have just one?

also just a quick thing, recently i was sent an email by someone asking me to place a positive review on the page and although there was no mention certain things about the transaction were inferred, i naturally turned them down with a snarly email about journalism because we here at hashtag cant be bought for less than a million, i mean i have principles but come on its a million.

finally if you think you have what it takes to write for us or just want to call me a name, you wouldn’t be the first and i doubt you’ll be the last. please don’t hesitate to contact us, i’m always happy to talk.

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