Benefit street


So I’ve waited a while before making my feeling towards benefit street known to the public, I know it’s been a while since it was shown on television but bare with me I am a long way away. So firstly I would like once again to point out that I studied history and this form of propaganda strikes me as early punch comics, or stories that were published in the papers of the 19 th century about the invading Irish, these Irish were coming here getting rich off out food and leaving fat, this plays into the very idea that being unemployed is somehow better than being in work, I’m gonna let you all in on a secret having to live a subsistence existence is not a good thing and every unemployed person I’ve ever spoke too wants a better life. I’ve been reading George orwells road to Wigan pier which was published in the 1930s and I’m amazed at how many parells can be drawn between then and now, a government that doesn’t care, a government that wants to punish the poor and put them in there place and a right wing self important middle class intent on attacking those horrid scrounges for living a life of luxury they don’t, to those people I say, look around your beautiful home, with your big screen television and your new 3 piece suite and be thankful because unlike you those poor scrounges why are indebteding them selfs, going without just so there children can have what you no doubt took for granted while calling them every name under the sun, we all want the same thing at the end of the day, you want healthy, well fed and educated children, who will have a better life than you and us poor scrounges want exactly the same, the only difference is you know what true ownership is while us in the lower caste do not understand and may never understand, when you live this life you tend to relish the little pleasures in life, such as cigarettes because they are few and far between, I’m many ways a beer represents an unnecessary luxury that you can go without but would you really like to give up those pleasures? Would you the working man really give up his footy and Saturday beer? The answer to that was no wasn’t it? So if your entitled to it why isn’t your fellow man?

I’m going to make another analogy that while being a little out there will hopefully make full sense, big foot has always been rumored to exists and great debate has occurred as to weather or not he does exist, well to lay the debate to rest a man was paid to find big foot and film him in the early 20th century, go to YouTube it’s all there. And low and behold this man found big foot and caught him on film, go figure a man whos paid to capture big foot on camera succeeds. I think it should come as no surprise that it was later found to be a huge fake, so in a round about way this is what benefit street is, a show that set out to find those abusing the benefit system and it found people abusing the system and the thing about this show is it didn’t even scratch the surface of what some people go through on a day to day basis, just to survive. So lets look at benefit street for what it actually is, a well timed piece of propaganda designed to further divide the working class on the heels of another 12 billion loss to the welfare bill all while mr Cameron is giving further tax breaks to his rich friends.


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