Amstel beer – The review

so i think i should point something out about myself, prior to me becoming a craft beer drinker i didn’t really care about what i was drinking, i was a lager guy and i usually ended up drinking the cheapest drivel i could find, that was until i went to Amsterdam and tried some of the local brews. although i no longer rate them that highly i really enjoyed the local lagers, they gave me the confidence to break away from my normal safety blanket beer and a whole new world was born, i think i may write up my journey to craftdom one day, who knows, so with that in mind lets start the review of this fine beer that opened a whole new world.
Vital statistics
  • comes in 330ml cans or bottles
  • 5% APV
  • brewed in the Netherlands
  • drank in australia
was golden in colour, it wasn’t a very active lager with little to no head to speak off, i think its fair to say that this is a bottle/can beer, i don’t think the drinker is ever meant to see it.
There is that European lager smell,  it is a understated smell of citrus that is accentuated with just the slightest aroma of hops. all dutch lagers seem to have this smell, i think it comes from the unique yeast.
I like these Dutch Beers, they are most likely my favourite lager. For me it dances on the front of my tongue alternating between left and right, sweet and bitter, the best way i can describe it to the uninitiated is pop some popping candy in your mouth and let it sit on your tongue, that is how this beer feels to me, its sweet, its lively, i have yet to find any beer other than dutch beers than manage this feat. so for that reason im gonna score this beer higher that i would normally.
this one of the cheaper options in the bottle shop so i was more than happy to pick this up, like i said earlier in this review i like these dutch beers so i had to pick it up.
the session:
this was my beer of choice for new year, it was on sale at the local bottle shop and due to that shops complete lack of choice, i am not kidding on this one, they had nothing but then that its perfectly normal for Australian beer shops, so given that it was a new year party and im more than likely to drink a lot, i choose this, like most mainstream beers it goes down quite well over along period of time and i enjoyed it while i was partaking in it.
so in conclusion this beer scores an above average score, it was let down by a very disappointing look and lackluster aroma. it came back kicking though thanks to that truly wonderful sensation on the front of my tongue and the fact that i can enjoy this beer to my hearts content without any adverse effects. if your ever in the Netherlands i suggest you give it a try.

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