Crown lager – the review

another day, another one of Australia’s favorite beers, this is going to be a quick review this time around because i think you’ll start to notice a pattern with this one.
vital statisics:
  • 4.9 APV
  • brewed in Australia
  • brewed by Carlton & United Breweries
  • affectionately known as a crownie to the locals
  • was first brewed for royalty
the beer was golden in colour with stark white head, the head contrasted the gold perfectly. the beer was also energetic with lots of carbonation, this beer looks good on the bar but failed to deliver in all other areas.
there was the slightest citrus smell, which normally i wouldn’t have noticed but thanks to the competition being so mediocre this stood out from its bland and odorless Australian cousins.
sadly they failed to buck the trend here, another watered down beer that failed to deliver any real excitement or even get me to muster interest. it also had a very bitter and nasty after taste that stayed in my mouth far longer than i would have liked.
this is one of Australia’s favorite sons, it has won countless competitions and i for one cant understand why, it was fairly cheap but i would not go out off my way to pick it up.
i got a six pack of these and due to its watered down nature it did go down quiet well but unfortunately that after taste lets it down, that aftertaste became worse the more i drank, completely spoiled the beer for me and i found myself struggling to have more than 3 beers in one sitting.
so this is Australia’s most awarded beer, it was originally brewed to impress royalty and i wouldn’t give this beer to my dog (if your interested he is rather fond of a brandy). it was devoid of aroma and taste and honestly it was too much for the level of quality i got. it even failed int he one category that these mass beers normally excel at, the session but due to its overpowering aftertaste

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